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Trognon, A., Saint-Dizier, V. (1999). L'organisation conversationnelle des malentendus: Le cas d'un dialogue tutoriel, Journal of Pragmatics, 31, 787-815.


This article develops the theory of misunderstandings by applying it to the analysis of the conversation organization of misunderstanding as it appears in a sequence from a tutorial dialogue. Interlocutionary analysis (Trognon and Brassac 1992) of the sequence containing the misunderstanding reveals that the conversational organization of misunderstanding can tke comple dorms. In the litarture, the conversational organization of misunderstanding rests on a structre with three elements : T1, the content of the turn bearing the misunderstanding, T2, the content of the turn revealing the misunderstanding, and T3, the content of turn resolving the misunderstanding. In the sequence analyzed, these three moments (T1, T2, and T3) do not follow each other in direct succession but are built into a complex hierarchical structure. These three moments, more particularly T2 and T3, are reproduced several times in a row. Furthermore, our sequence is unique as it illustrates a resolution of the misunderstanding without involving intersubjectivity

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