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Trognon, A., Batt, M. (2011). Group Dynamics and Learning. In N. Sell (Ed.), Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning. New York: Springer.


«The dictionary of Cognitive Science defines learning as "a modification in the hability to accomplish a task, brought about by an interaction with the environment" (Houdé, 2004). As small group is the main constituent of the natural environment of any individual of a species living in society, so the Human Being, the group should play a crucial role in their learning. Research conducted for nearly a century in group dynamics, which is the scientific discipline that studies the groups, shows that this is the case. (...)As such, groups influence all the learnings of the individuals. This influence is gradual. The mere presence of others at one's side releases and sometimes inhibits the performance of someone. By collaborating in a common task, group's members carry out what they couldn't do alone and they progress together. This explains that groups became tools for learning and their animation a business».

More on the subject

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