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Sannino, A., Trognon, A., Dessagne, L. (2003). A model for Analyzing Knowledge Content and Processes of Learning a Trade within Alternance Vocational Training. In Tuomi-Grohn, T. and Engestrom, Y. (Eds.) Between School and Work. New Perspectives on Transfer and Boundary-Crossing (pp. 271-289). Oxford: Pergamon and Earli.

Excerpt from the introduction : Tuomi-Grohn, Engestrom, and Young (2003, pp. 9)

"Chapter 13 by Sannino, Trognon and Dessagne, attemps to define the kind of learning demands in various occupational contexts in order to improve the transition from educational institutions to the working world. The objective of the chapter is to analyze processes of training leading to the acquisition of professional skills and identities within the framework of alternance-based vocational training. The original, situated interactions of tutor-apprentice couples are recorded and analyzed as natural exchanges at a moment when the transmission of training and the reappropriation of skills and taking place. The methodology takes the mechanisms of the tranmission of expertise and the adaptation of the trainee into account, as well as the elaboration fo mutual skills in conversation. thus, it has similarities with the sitated apprenticeship approach advocated by Lave. The results indicate that these paired interactions are more complex and more capable of improving the learning of the apprentices than the classical interactions of the individuals at work. the authors illustrate how discursive and manual activities are intimately intertwined in the learning process"



The context

The Data Collection and the Analytical Approach

Learning Contents Emerging from the Interactions

Learning Processes Emerging from the Interactions


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